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CWBB Offer Process and Terms

Offer Process

Below is a general description of the normal purchase of a RV from Commonwealth RV. Due to the variety of RVs and sellers that we represent, this process may vary from that described herein. We request that all potential purchasers contact us directly to discuss the exact sale process for individual units.

  1. Visually Inspect the unit.CWBB

    Commonwealth Boat Brokers recommends that buyers carefully and personally inspect, at its premises or by appointment for off-premise vessels, the vessel(s), prior to submitting an offer to purchase.

    If a visual inspection is not possible by buyer or buyer’s representative, Commonwealth Boat Brokers will undertake reasonable efforts to accurately and fairly describe every unit on this website. However, Commonwealth Boat Brokers’ description and accounts of the vessel(s) is not, and shall not be construed as, any type of warranty or representation, whether expressed, implied or otherwise, with regard to that unit.

    Before traveling to inspect a particular unit, we recommend that you call to confirm that the unit is still available for sale. However, due to the high volume of sales, Commonwealth Boat Brokers cannot be held responsible if the unit is not available when you arrive, regardless of whether the unit was available at the time of your inquiry.

  2. Make an offer to purchase.
  3. Offers can be placed by phone, email, fax, or in person at our office. The most efficient way to place an offer is to complete the offer form located on our website. Before you click “submit form”, carefully review terms and conditions and your offer to ensure that the information provided is complete and accurate. In the event of a successful sale, the information provided by the buyer on the offer sheet shall be used for legal documentation of the sale.

    Offers received shall be presented to the seller in accordance with seller’s guidelines. Most sellers give Commonwealth Boat Brokers discretion to reject, without presentation, offers deemed not commercially reasonable. Additionally, some sellers may require an offer to be submitted in contract form with a good faith deposit. Because it can vary from vessel to vessel, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss the exact sale process for individual units.

    Replies to offers generally are transmitted to prospective purchasers within one business day or less. If you do not receive a reply to your offer within two business days, please contact our office to ensure that your offer was received.

  4. Financing
  5. Commonwealth Boat Brokers can assist in arranging financing to qualified buyers on most units. Please contact our office at the presentation of your offer to discuss details of available financing options.

  6. Acceptance or rejection of offer to purchase:
  7. Acceptance: When an offer is accepted, Commonwealth Boat Brokers will notify the potential buyer. Commonwealth Boat Brokers will not “hold” or withdraw any unit from availability to other customers unless an adequate deposit, acceptable to Commonwealth Boat Brokers and/or the seller, and a sales contract has been executed by both buyer and seller. NO AGREEMENT FOR PURCHASE AND SALE OF ANY UNIT IS BINDING UNTIL IT IS IN WRITING, SIGNED BY ALL PARTIES AND ADEQUATE DEPOSIT IS IN PLACE.

    Rejection: If the seller rejects an offer to purchase, the seller may submit a counter offer for your consideration. Upon your receipt of the seller’s counteroffer, you may accept or reject the seller’s counter offer or offer further negotiations. NO AGREEMENT FOR PURCHASE AND SALE OF ANY UNIT IS BINDING UNTIL IT IS IN WRITING, SIGNED BY THE INDIVIDUAL SELLER AND PURCHASER. 

  8. Technical Inspection:
  9. Prior to purchase, buyer is permitted to perform a reasonable, onsite, non-destructive inspection of the vessel. Commonwealth Boat Brokers will be happy to demonstrate the vessel to the buyer in a complete manner or such inspections may be completed by the buyer or other qualified contractor. Such inspections are performed solely at the buyer’s expense and risk and may have limitations and restrictions. “Sea trials” are generally not permitted but some exceptions may apply. Please contact our office for the terms and limitations of inspections for individual units.

  10. Final acceptance or rejection of vessel:
  11. After inspection, buyer will notify Commonwealth Boat Brokers in written form of their intent to accept the vessel and complete the purchase, or reject the vessel and cancel the offer to purchase.

  12. Closing:
  13. On the agreed upon closing date, buyer shall pay Commonwealth Boat Brokers in full for the purchase of the vessel with cashiers check, bank certified check, or wired funds. Commonwealth Boat Brokers does not accept personal checks or credit cards for the purchase of vessels.

    Upon receipt of payment in full and the credit of such proceeds to the account of Commonwealth Boat Brokers, buyer will receive possession of the vessel and legal bill of sale documenting the purchase. If applicable, purchaser may also receive a temporary transport tag for vessel trailers.

    Unless special arrangements have been made, all units must be removed from Commonwealth Boat Brokers’ premises within seven (7) days following the completed purchase. For offsite vessels, buyer is required to make appropriate arrangements for storage and/or removal of the vessel with the storing party and is responsible for any fees associated with the vessel after the purchase.

    Buyer is responsible for all obligations, liabilities, costs and expenses involved with the removal and transportation of the unit from the Commonwealth Boat Brokers or the off site sales location. Once the sale has been completed, buyer has the sole obligation and responsibility to properly insure the unit. Commonwealth Boat Brokers assumes no responsibility in any way for the unit once payment in full has been received.

  14. Title
  15. Title will not be transferred at the time of sale. Commonwealth Boat Brokers will undertake all reasonable efforts to ensure that buyers will receive title as quickly after purchase as possible. In most instances, titles will be sent to purchaser within 10-14 days after the sale. However, Commonwealth Boat Brokers expressly reserves 30 days from date of purchase to deliver title.

  16. Fees
  17. No titling, user, or registration fees are due to Commonwealth Boat Brokers at the time of purchase. Commonwealth Boat Brokers charges a $299 processing fee and a local transactional tax of .007% at the time of purchase. All other fees and charges including, but not limited to registration taxes, license fees, user taxes, personal property taxes, shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

  18. No Warranty or Representation.
  19. Commonwealth Boat Brokers sells all units in “as-is” and “where-is” condition without representation or warranty of any kind, whether, expressed, implied, or otherwise, including without limitation, warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

    However, many vessels are covered by an existing and transferable manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer for specific terms, limitation, and restrictions regarding the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, Commonwealth Boat Brokers offers for sale extended warranty packages for most of the vessels. Please contact our office for details regarding the pricing and availability of extended protections.